How I Got Into Hunting

I have been hunting for a really long time. Probably over 20 years at this point. Although, when I first started I wasn’t hunting like I do with shotguns and rifles now. I was chasing around prairie chickens with my slingshot. I was a pretty good shot!

Now, I let my trust rifles and shotguns do all the work for me. I would say I am a pretty good shot. Haven’t gone without a nice Whitetail buck in about 5 years now. My freezer is always full, that’s for sure!

I am also into Moose hunting. Although I am not as successful with that. Sometime in Winter 2016/2017 I plan on going to Alaska and nailing one there. Can’t wait for that.

I also am into bear hunting, but more for archery. This is something I am not as good as with, but I still enjoy it. Something about the adrenaline when you’re facing a bear with a arrow. Kind of crazy.

Anyway, just a quick story. Enjoy my wordpress site!

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How I Got Into Hunting