Deciding On A Gun Safe… Oh Boy

Every hunter who wants to keep his firearms protected goes through this dilemma. It is easily the hardest dilemma to deal with, deciding on what gun safe you want to sink your hard earned money into.

There’s way too many bells and whistles to take in on these things, even worse there’s more than a handful of highly reputable brands that are looking to dip their hands in your pockets.

So, just like everyone else, I do my research online. Although some of the advice may be biased, I can form my opinion off a lot of different opinions. This allows me to make a really informed decision, get the best bang for my buck and in turn be happy with my purchase. Simple math. Well, maybe not math, but you get it.

How Many Guns Do I Have, Anyway?

Ha, a lot of guys will say “only a handful.” And then, they open their gun safe to show you their favorite rifle, and 12 rifles, 10 shotguns and Grandpa’s WW1 pistol falls out. Funny how that works.
40 minutes later after hearing 5 stories on each gun, you grab for the bottle of whiskey and take a swig.

Before you even go about finding a good gun safe, know how many guns you have. How long your longest gun is, and how much space they take up when stacked together. This is crucial.

Having this stuff mapped out is basically like having the blue prints when building a house.

Read, Read Again & Then Read Some More

A lot of guys get excited when they find a promising gun safe for cheap and pull the trigger on the buy. Only to be disappointed because it isn’t what they were expecting. This is a bad scenario to be in. Especially if you were waiting on that safe for a while to arrive.

When you’re doing your research, I would definitely recommend you make sure you know what you are buying. Read reviews, customer reviews and then watch some videos on the subject. It’ll save you more than one head ache. Make your research a week long process. Get a different idea in your head every day and eventually you’ll be able to make a solid decision.

Ask Your Buddies, They’ll Know

You have friends, right? Well, talk to them. Ask them what they like and don’t about their gun safe. It can be a real eye opener when your friend Johnny tells you the double shelves in the Winchester Ranger Deluxe isn’t as spacious as they make it out to be in the reviews. Or when Alex tells you that he wished he went for a black safe instead of grey. The grey one sticks out like a sore thumb in his wife’s pink closet.

Get them over for a beer and talk about the gun safe you’re look at. They’ll give you some sound advice and their opinion. Or they might make fun of your for trying to spend $100 on a gun safe to protect your $5000 worth of guns.

Just Do It, Not That Hard

It’s not a difficult process and it doesn’t have to be. Just do it. Take action and get it done. Thank me later.

Deciding On A Gun Safe… Oh Boy

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